Opportunity for ASCE Institutes and TAC to Collaborate with China Civil Engineering Society (CCES)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Professional Civil Engineering Door Opens In China: How to Take Advantage of Opportunities for Collaboration between ASCE and CCES Members

From the ASCE International Activities Committee
By Eva Lerner-Lam, M.ASCE, F.ITE
October 26, 2010


With the recent signing of the Endorsement of the ASCE Vision 2025 for Civil Engineering by the President of the China Civil Engineering Society, ASCE institutes and TAC have an even better opportunity to collaborate with our counterparts in the People’s Republic of China, with high-level support pledged by China’s top civil engineering professional society.

On June 25, 2010, ASCE President Blaine Leonard met with CCES President Tan Qinglian in Beijing to discuss the five tenets of ASCE’s “The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025”.  At the conclusion of the dialogue, both presidents signed an Endorsement document, pledging to work together to achieve the aspirational goals of the Vision in a global context.

The Endorsement provides ASCE, including its Institutes and the Technical Activities Committee, with just the right kind of platform that will enable our counterparts in China to work with us.  By basing our collaboration on Vision 2025, ASCE has seized on one of the key advantages of the structured professional community that operates in China:  Having such an authoritative “blessing” has now empowered all of China’s civil engineers to reach for Vision 2025 and to work collaboratively with the authoring society, ASCE, to do so. 

Using the Endorsement is a way to successfully approach your potential Chinese contacts to participate in jointly sponsored conferences, workshops, seminars, co-edited journals and periodicals, technical tours, continuing education, and training programs.  In addition, the potential assistance of CCES will give you another resource to find the right connections to make your program viable and a success.   

Here’s how you can proceed: 

  1. Develop your proposal. 
  2. Include a China-based collaborating partner in your proposal.
  3. Send out a copy of the ASCE/CCES Endorsement with your proposal to your Chinese partner. 
  4. Make use of CCES to help you find the right partner if you do not already have one. 

China’s civil engineers are building tomorrow’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and are eager to establish strong professional relationships with their peers in the West.