NOW AVAILABLE: Building Codes Toolkit for Property Owners

Monday, February 11, 2013

The FEMA Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration (FIMA), Risk Reduction Division, Building Science Branch is pleased to announce the newly developed Building Codes Toolkit - a central online page that will help our customers understand building codes, its value to occupant safety and community resilience, and the available tools and resources for a variety of audiences.

Through close coordination and partnership with local, regional, and national contributors and subject matter experts and by utilizing existing multi-hazard standards and best practices, we were able to produce and organize a series of informational materials and tools for property owners and the general public.

For many years, FEMA and ICC have also maintained and produced a huge portfolio of materials related to disaster resistant building codes, construction guidance and standards, technical training, and other informational resources for engineers, architects, code officials, and design professionals: