BIPS 04: Integrated Rapid Visual Screening Series (IRVS) for Buildings

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Integrated Rapid Visual Screening is a quick and simple tool designed to determine initial or relative risk and resilience for buildings based on visual inspection only. The IRVS for Buildings categorizes 15 building types and addresses 20 hazardous events: internal (intrusion, blast and CBR); external blast and external chemical, biological, and radiological releases from 100, 300 and 1,000 feet; earthquakes (ground shaking and ground failure; floods (still water and velocity surge); wind (hurricane, tornado, and other wind events); landslide (rainfall and earthquakes); and fire (resulting from earthquakes, blast, or arson. The knowledge for calculating both risk and resilience is embedded in the tool. Major tool interactions are automatically calculated by pre-assigned weights, interaction logic, and context-based algorithms based on knowledge and tool validations. Risk is based primarily in target attractiveness (for manmade hazards). The IRVS software is available for download.  The software facilitates data collection and can be used as a management tool.